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          Oliver Dagum is a singer-songwriter from Mount Holly NJ. He is also a veteran of the United States Air Force. Born in the Philippines where he has been singing since he was nine years-old. He immigrated to the United States and joined the USAF where he would often sing for ceremonies ranging from retirements, change of command ceremonies, graduations, and any occasion the base needed someone to sing, "The Star-Spangled Banner".

          In 2008, out of 80+ vocalists he was selected to go to Lackland AFB, where Oliver was 1 of 10 male performers chosen to be part of the Air Force Entertainment “Tops in Blue”, one of the oldest and most widely traveled entertainment groups of its kind in the USAF. The tour consisted of performing over 130+ shows set out to entertain and provide morale to military troops and their families at Air Force bases around the world. After the tour, Oliver changed stations to JBMDL(Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst) New Jersey, where he was able to travel back and forth from New York City, Philadelphia and Atlantic City. He started performing in open mic nights and various places, which included the world famous Coney Island Boardwalk, Foley Square in front of the New York Supreme Court as well as the Atlantic City and New Jersey Boardwalks. He has also performed in numerous bars and taverns in the east coast area.

          He recently separated from the military to pursue his music career and on 19th of May 2015. He was one of 70 performers selected to audition for (MUNY)Music Under New York. It is part of MTA(Metropolitan Transit Authority) Arts and Design where they only select 20+ musicians and performers annually. The people who audition are competing for a slot to perform in the subways of New York City where he was finally notified in June 2015 as one of the 26 musicians selected.

          Oliver is also a graduate from Berklee College of Music Online, where he completed his Professional Certificate in Music Business. He completed courses in Music Publishing and Artist Management, Music Licensing, and Music Marketing and Music Supervision where he was able to apply what he learned, which enabled him to produce and publish his own music. He also finished Coursera’s Modern Musician’s Courses that included Songwriting, Musicianship and Music Production.

          Oliver's music is composed of acoustic, easy-listening music. He stated, "I love to remake songs to a nice, relaxing feel to it. It is akin to driving music." He is very passionate about his music and often reviews it dozens of times, for several days, before making his final mix. His original songs are now available in Itunes, Amazon MP3 and other digital stores.

Oliver Dagum

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